4 Types of Alcohol Permits in Texas

November 30, 2021

Because there are many different types of alcohol and because laws regarding the sale, distribution and purchase of alcohol vary by jurisdiction, you need to be aware of licensing and permit requirements in your jurisdiction. Here are three types of alcohol permits in Texas.

1. Retail

The most well-known type of Texas alcohol permit is a retail permit. This type encompasses sales of all varieties of alcoholic beverages in all manner of settings. Restaurants and bars require multiple permits or a Mixed Beverage Permit, due to the different regulations for selling distilled spirits and wine or malt beverages. Their permits also need to authorize them to sell alcohol that will be consumed on-premise, but may not authorize the sale of alcohol meant for off-premise consumption. Grocery stores and other places that sell packaged alcohol for later consumption need off-premise licenses. There are also retail licenses for package stores, wine-only package stores, private clubs and passenger transportation.

2. Manufacturing

In a similar fashion to retail permits, there are many different manufacturing permits. These vary depending on the type of alcohol you’re manufacturing. You may be familiar with permits and licenses to operate breweries and wineries, which authorize these businesses to produce, distribute and sell on-premise or off-premise malt beverages and wine respectively. In Texas, a Brewer’s License also authorizes the brewer to import malt beverages in some cases. There are a few other permit options for brewers and winemakers, including a Nonresident Brewer’s License, a Nonresident Seller’s Permit and an Out-of-State Winery Direct Shipper’s Permit. Another manufacturing permit is the Distiller’s and Rectifier’s Permit. This permit authorizes the manufacture, storage and distribution of distilled spirits and wines. The sale of distilled spirits to consumers is not guaranteed by this permit.

3. Distribution

There are three types of distribution permits in Texas: Wholesaler’s Permits, General Distributor’s Licenses and General Class B Wholesaler’s Permits. The Wholesaler’s Permit allows you to distribute wine and distilled spirits, including the import, transportation and storage of wine and distilled spirits. The General Distributor’s License authorizes you to distribute only malt beverages, including the import and transportation of malt beverages. The General Class B Wholesaler’s Permit authorizes you to distribute only wine, including the import, transportation and storage of wine.

When you sell or distribute alcoholic beverages, you need to do everything in your power to operate within the bounds of the law. You also need to understand which permit or permits you need and what each requires.