Injured? Why Your Next Call After 911 Should Be to a Lawyer

October 6, 2021

Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping that they’ll be injured as they go about their day, but it’s important to have a plan for what to do if the worst should happen. The first priority after an accident should always be your health and safety. Seek medical care as needed immediately. The second priority should be getting your life back to normal. Here are three ways that hiring a lawyer after you’ve been injured can help fast-track your recovery.

Explaining Your Rights

Exploring your legal options after you’ve been injured can feel overwhelming. Hiring an Iowa personal injury lawyer can help make things clearer. A qualified personal injury lawyer will meet with you to get the details of your case, go over your options, and help you make the best decision for you. Many lawyers work on an “if-come” basis, meaning that they don’t get paid until you get paid. This will save you money at a time when you may feel surrounded by medical bills. Your lawyer can even help you track and organize those bills and other documentation from your injury.

Negotiating With Insurance Companies

Taking on an insurance company, especially when you’re trying to recover from an injury, requires an incredible amount of time and energy. Having the power and expertise of a good lawyer will exponentially increase your bargaining ability with claims adjusters. Lawyers who specialize in personal injury can negotiate with claims adjusters on your behalf to get you the payout that you deserve. This lets you focus your time and energy on healing.

Protecting You in Court

If your case proceeds to trial, your lawyer will represent you and your case to the judge and jury. You won’t have to argue your case yourself. Personal injury cases fall under what is called tort law. These cases usually involve the injured person asking for money to help make up for the injury that they have received. Your lawyer will know exactly how to best argue your case to ensure a favorable verdict. Having legal representation can also help make sure that you get the money you are entitled to as quickly as possible.

Having your health taken away from you because of the actions or negligence of someone else is a terrible thing. Retaining a lawyer as soon as you can after an injury will help you understand your legal rights, add bargaining power to your discussions with insurance companies, and provide invaluable support in a court of law. This lets you relax and focus on healing while your lawyer handles the paperwork and the arguing. After an injury, 911 should be your first call. A good personal injury lawyer should be your second.