Location Options for Heat Oil Tank Installation

October 5, 2021

If you’re looking to replace your home’s oil tank, proper placement should be a concern. A tank can be set up in various locations, but the decision comes down to your preferences. Compare the pros and cons of these options regarding where to situate an oil tank on your property.


Perhaps the easiest and first option that comes to mind is situating the equipment above ground outside the home. Ease of accessibility makes service calls simpler for a technician. The time and cost of repairs will thus be reduced. Oil delivery is typically faster since the delivery person does not have to enter the home.

However, repairs and service calls will likely be more frequent since the unit is exposed to the elements. The tank has an increased risk of damage and rust, especially if there is no structure to cover it. To give an added level of protection from the weather, you may consider installation under a deck if you have one.

Some customers decide in favor of locating the tank underground. This method brings the added cosmetic benefit of hiding it from public view. Remember, though, that you should expect maintenance to be more costly and time-consuming. Whichever setup you choose, established service providers, like oil tank installation Westchester County NY, can situate tanks safely and advise you on your best options.


Some homeowners hesitate to place a tank inside the home because they dread dealing with a leak. Take note that the odds of significant maintenance issues become all the rarer with indoor placement because the tank is protected from external conditions.

In addition, locating the tank indoors makes it easier to monitor the equipment and arrange for necessary care. You will be able to resolve issues long before they become a major problem. Indoor oil tank installation provides for the longest possible life of a tank. Some users have reported lifespans beyond 20 years.

Naturally, you will want to set the tank somewhere out of view and unoccupied. A basement is often the preferred option, but a garage is a fine space to consider as well. Some homeowners will opt to put the unit in a crawl space, but be sure to consider if this will meet your accessibility needs. 

Where you install your oil tank will depend on your family’s needs and desires. Proper installation and care will ensure that your tank lasts long, providing convenient heating in your home for many years.