Requirements to Be an Au Pair

June 29, 2022

The requirements to be an au pair are as follows: you must be between 18 and 26 years old, a native English speaker, and have at least six hours of college credit. You will provide at least ten hours of care each day and be paid according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Depending on your skills, your fee may vary from $500 to $1,200 per week. To learn more about becoming an au pair, read the article below.


If you are considering becoming an au pair, you will need to know the fees involved. While most au pairs are compensated with a weekly stipend, some families require you to pay for some personal expenses. These costs may include a mobile phone or other electronic devices, internet access, and possibly a private vehicle, as some families want to take their au pair on vacation. You may also need to pay for additional insurance or provide unique clothing for the au pair.

The upfront fees associated with the process vary, but the average cost is approximately $8,000-$10,000 for the program. Depending on the program’s specifics, the fees can range anywhere from $250 to over $2,000. These fees cover everything from the application processing to the interview and background checks. These fees also cover the costs of the au pair’s airfare and healthcare, and some programs may waive or offer partial payment. It’s also important to note that these fees do not fully cover the costs of the au pair’s trip to the U.S.


The qualifications to become an au pair depend on several factors. An au pair must be between 18 and 30 years old, speak English well, have at least six hours of college credit, and have good physical and mental health. Depending on the country, a male can apply for the position, but it will take longer. Au pairs must have childcare experience and a genuine love of children. Finally, they must be willing to commit six months to the program, although it is often easier to find a 12-month program. A good time to apply is between February and March for winter au pairs.

An au pair’s skills are equally important. She must be adaptable and creative to cope with challenging situations. She should be able to come up with original solutions to problems and develop resourceful ways to entertain children. But, aside from her creativity, an au pair must also be punctual. She must be able to make her way around a new culture and adapt to a new lifestyle. And, of course, she must be patient.


Aside from providing childcare, au pairs may be asked to help with light housework. These responsibilities are outlined in the official contract between an au pair and a host family. They cannot change the tasks outlined in the contract. In exchange for their services, au pairs receive free board and lodging. These tasks are expected to be completed by the au pair, who is also entitled to food in the case of illness or holidays. In addition, au pairs usually have their bedroom and key to it. Many host families also subscribe to accident and health insurance for their au pairs.

Most host families carefully screen prospective au pairs and have full-time staff in the country where the au pairs will work. However, the host families have limited flexibility to reassign au pairs, making it difficult for au pairs to find jobs elsewhere. Au pairs often come to a new country thinking of themselves as cultural ambassadors but are surprised by childcare expectations. As such, they must learn the language of the country where they will work.


Being an au pair is not a job for the faint-hearted. This position requires a high level of creativity and leadership. Au pairs must be able to take charge of the kids and solve problems creatively. They should also be able to respond quickly to a host family’s needs and concerns. The skills required to be an au pair are listed below:

Preparing small meals is a vital skill for au pairs. Au pairs must be able to cook healthy meals that children will enjoy. Fortunately, many kid-friendly recipes are available, so au pairs don’t have to be afraid to cook for other people. It is best to get creative with your cooking and involve children to be a successful au pair. Au pairs must also be able to interact with children on their level, which can be challenging.

Communication skills are another vital skill to develop as an au pair. Because au pairs work with different cultures, they must be able to communicate effectively in their new environment. Au pairs from low-context cultures may find this difficult or frustrating, so it’s crucial to be able to communicate effectively with people from other cultures. If you can master cultural differences, you’ll stand out from the crowd. In addition, these skills will help you in any career choice you make.