Tips for Women Who Jog

April 11, 2022

Going jogging every day is a great way to lose weight and improve your health. You build muscle endurance and improve your cardiovascular system when you run every day. As a woman jogging alone, however, you face risks and you should take precautions to ensure your daily run is a safe one. Here are some tips for women who jog.

Carry a Weapon

Invest in a firearm and take several gun safety courses. You can purchase concealment leggings that are comfortable and give you freedom of movement but also contain a holding pouch for your weapon. If you choose to purchase a firearm, take a gun safety course and practice at the gun range often so you become comfortable with your weapon.

If you’re not comfortable carrying a firearm, invest in pepper spray. Buy one with a wristband so you can carry it easily while you jog.

Run in Populated Areas

Perpetrators are less likely to grab you if you’re running in a heavily populated area, so choose a path where there are a lot of people around such as in a public park. If you run in a park and don’t see many people, choose a more populated place the next time.

Don’t Wear Earbuds

When you’re out in public, you need to be aware of your surroundings and it’s crucial to be able to hear if someone is coming up behind you, so don’t wear earbuds when you’re running. There are other sounds you need to hear as well, such as a dog coming your way or a car approaching, so avoid listening to music or an audiobook while you jog.

Don’t Run by Roads

If you run along a road’s shoulder or even on a sidewalk by the road, it’s too easy for a perpetrator to pull up beside you, jump out and grab you. You also face an increased risk of being hit by a car if you run along the shoulder, so find a path in the park to run instead.

Avoid Running the Same Path Every Day

It’s easy to fall into a routine and run the same path every day, but you expose yourself to risk when you do so. Perpetrators will take note and then figure out the best way to attack you. Keep yourself safe by running alternate routes. Do a search online and find several parks in which you can run and change things up often.