Types of Trains

January 26, 2022

If you travel a lot, you likely have a preferred method of transportation. Perhaps you love the thrill of driving to the airport, and flying in the air on a plane. Maybe you like the feeling of the open road, driving comfortably in your own vehicle. However, have you considered taking a train to your destination?

While planes take you to your destination very quickly, and cars provide you with your own space, trains are a valid option as well. For one thing, trains can be a very scenic way to travel. You can look at the various landscapes and enjoy the view. This article will name a few different types of trains. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of trains. There are also services in railroad yard air systems.  

Commuter Train 

Commuter trains can be very helpful to working people. For example, if you don’t have a car to drive to work, these trains can take you instead. These types of trains transport people who live in suburban areas but work in the city. They are mostly used for taking people to work and back home. Commuter trains operate during the weekday. 

Freight Train 

When you drive to work, you might see a freight train every once in awhile. Freight trains are different than other types of trains. Freight trains carry items and cargo. They don’t carry or transport people. Freight trains transport much of the freight in the world. They can be called goods trains as well. Freight trains also conserve more energy than driving a car. Freight trains also aren’t intended for short distances. 

Passenger Train 

Have you been on a passenger train before? A passenger train is very long in order to carry many people. People can get off the train at various stations. These kinds of trains run on a schedule. Long-distance and short-distance trains are both types of passenger trains. 

Light Rail Train 

You’ve likely seen light rail trains if you are ever in the middle of a city. Light rail trains can also be called trolleys and streetcars. These trains are located in a city and are the local transit for city residents. They can run on the street too. However, they carry less passengers. 

High-Speed Train 

A high-speed train can go at 125mph or faster. High-speed trains have their own rails so they can go at the high speeds they need to travel at. These types of trains are present in different places, including Germany, China, Italy, and Japan, among others.